Saturday, September 11, 2010

nesting saturday

here's another quick picture post.

i am really, really craving, and settling into, fall nesting. in fact, i had the light bulb idea just today to spend every afternoon and evening of one whole week at home. no errands running at all, nothing. i think i can do it ... i just want to be home pretty much all the time, interspersed with yoga classes and walks in the park. it's going to be a wonderfully relaxing fall and winter.

i've just sat and knitted for an hour, listening to this american life/moth radio hour on NPR. wonderful. soon, i'll cook up the vegan cheddar bake for my monthly earthsave potluck dinner. tonight, i'm looking forward to curling up with more Crime and Punishment. Maybe a bit more knitting. On deck are baby hats, a scarf, waffle-knit dishcloths, and perhaps something for myself (??) out of two skeins of gorgeous green yarns in two colors that i purchased in chicago over the labor day weekend.

i wonder when i will sew the rest of the cloths needed for my classroom, then move into my own experiments, for fun. i'd like to try the cloth napkin holder/roll i blogged about earlier. oh, and did i mention knitting Elizabeth Zimmermann's baby surprise jacket? we shall see ...

until my next update, please enjoy the pictures, and thanks for the continual incredible inspiration your own blogs provide me!

recent pictures:">this awesome recipe ...

some solitude in the park ...

late summer farmer's market bounty (yes i am one person! with a veg addiction! lol)

fridays we do "picnic lunch":

i can sort of sew! here is a wood polishing cloth i made for the classroom, sorry for the picture quality. i really would love to take a photography skills workshop!

love and light,


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