Thursday, September 9, 2010

one-sentence journal.

just wanted to share a little love from the long weekend....away ... in ....

that's right, Chicago.

i still have more of the late summer pics i promised you, coming soon.

nesting already. on my list currently:

red wine
learning new children's songs to sing with my classroom.

which all reminds me, thanks to gretchen rubin's idea i have started a one-sentence gratitude journal. picked it up tonight, for the low cost of $10 at my locally-owned bookshop (where I was picking up another book for my bi-monthly vegetarian book club, Ethics into Action by Peter Singer).

so i wrote:

"Today, I sang with the children as they cleaned their shelves in the afternoon. It was so joyful, for all of us. Singing while we moved through the ordinary tasks of life."

okay, so it was three sentences. you get the point. how wonderful it shall be to fill it up with all the moments we might otherwise forget in the daily grind of things.

tonight i made the best vegan hawaaian pizza ever. tomorrow night, out for vegan sushi with some like-minded friends. next week: eggplant, tomato, and chickpea stew from Veganomicon, celebrating the last sweet fruits of summer.

welcome, september, my favorite month of all, and your cool breezes.

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