Monday, October 18, 2010

fall goodness, fall slowness, fall promise.

tomato picking, at school.

Hey, all. Just wanted to update with some pictures from this weekend, which was lovely and restful.

Am feeling a bit burned out already from school, despite loving my new position as head teacher. Could use a real, week-long school break. Sigh ... I am way too type B.

Tonight, I baked, and ate, an ENTIRE spaghetti squash! Topped with fried tempeh (in tamari), homemade tomato sauce with a little Frank's Red Hot thrown in, nutritional yeast, peppers, and ground walnuts. YUMMM-O! :-)

now i'm drinking mint (of course!) hot chocolate.

and ... i FINISHED crime and punishment! a wonderful book. Now I'll start this one, which I've been dying to read for a while now.

I could be knitting more baby items, but instead I'm a little too addicted to Grey's Anatomy to care. So, to soon for that. But seriously. Must. Get. Started. Especially since a good, oh, 75 percent or so of my Christmas gifts this year are going to come from my needles! And we won't even talk about the sewing machine gathering dust.

I am trying, in vain, to go to bed earlier and have two hours to myself in the morning (5-7 a.m.!) before work. I am fighting the very stubborn night owl self. It's an easy win for that self. :-(

Anyway, before I continue rambling nonsensically, I'm okay. Really. Just need more sleep, a bit more vacay (two three-day weekends coming up at the end/beginning of the month!), and a yin yoga class tomorrow night.

Here are the pictures. See you soon!

walk for farm animals: myself and that lovely cow, do we not share a hair color? hee hee.

knitting i finished for my friend's new baby!

pre-hike sunday breakfast out at a local eatery. strawberry-banana pancakes with peanut butter syrup! skip the butter, thanks. (too bad i realized later the pancakes were buttermilk...d'oh! oh well. can't win 'em all...i'll get wheat ones next time)

sunday hike at taylorsville lake, on the dusty dusty horse trails (hasn't really rained here in a long while!)

post-hike picnic, complete with local apples and summer blackberries. and the rest of my amazing vegan chocolate zucchini bread! mmmm mmm good!! nothing like a satisfying picnic lunch after a two-hour hike!

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  1. Many, many things to say:

    1. Wow, you're making me hungry. :)

    2. GORGEOUS knitting, Karen!!!! I'm so impressed by your work. You're probably better than I am, already!!

    3. Peanut butter syrup?! Sounds like heaven.

    4. You do take really beautiful photos. I know you say you want training, but I think you are teaching yourself how to hone your eye.

    5. I have to read Crime and Punishment!!! -- How did you like it?

    6. (Final one, I promise.) I've been getting up at 5:30ish every day recently, and I am finding I love it! Which is a total surprise, because I used to be a real night owl. But once you get yourself used to it, the early morning quiet hours are sooo nice - I am sure you love them, too. :) I used to love the quiet of 2-4am, but now I find the same peace in 5-7ish. I know it's really hard to make the change (the first few days SUCK), but I'm totally digging it - I hope I can continue in this vein!

    Love you xoxo