Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm back, hopefully more regularly, too. happy fall!

recent dinner/dessert at a friend's house

Well, here I am, back again!

Hopefully to regular posting. The moving dust has settled, but there are still boxes full of stuff all over the place that need going through. I'm happy to report that I've signed on to at least a one-year lease here, so ... no more moving for a long while, hopefully! Things are good ... large kitchen with new fixtures, wood floors, a spare room for sewing and crafting (and storing my clothes in, as the bedroom has no closet) overlooking the deck and tiny backyard (erm, gardening in spring!), my own bathroom, half of the large living room, a front porch on the street, and use of the basement and washer/dryer. my roommate is nice but almost never home. works for me to have so much space, and the rent is such an incredibly good deal!

Christmas knitting will soon be starting up, I'm only planning a whole pile of dishcloths and two scarves this year, because I want to challenge myself to knit an Elizabeth Zimmermann sweater (baby surprise jacket!). Just picked up my copy of The Opinionated Knitter (formerly Knitting Without Tears) at the libary tonight on my way to yoga class.

Yes, I'm back in the studio again, a couple times a week, and sometimes on Saturdays. It feels very good. Between this and long walks, which I haven't done lately due to a sudden change in the weather (temps in the 60's!) and well moving/work/errands/etc. doesn't leave much time. But I bundled up this past Sunday for a good morning hike under overcast but pretty skies in a city forest here. Packed a lovely little picnic lunch, too. I'd been dying to hike for months, finally going out and doing it was nice.

Incredible nesting phase ... that's my life right now. Just wanting to stay home and cook, knit, read, and catch up on past seasons of Grey's Anatomy from the locally-owned video store here. For the first time in three years, I'm allowing myself to be a homebody and it feels GOOD. I still am attending my once-monthly Earthsave potluck and the Louisville Vegetarian Club meetings and events, which are peppered loosely throughout the month, but that's pretty much it. It feels good, although I do sometimes miss the company of like-minded friends; Louisville is a very social go-out-and-meet-your-friends-for-beers kind of city. I'm hoping I can change this a little bit but I think I'll just have to get out there again ... just not nearly as much as before.

Another point to all of the above which I haven't blogged much about lately is the desire to save money. Probably for buying a condo or house or traveling in a couple years' time. My job here is going well and I love having my own classroom, but I don't yet (will I ever?) see it as an end to my journey. There is gypsy in me yet so I want to be appropriately padded for the time when change comes.

vegan homemade fudge, also made a batch for a vegan bake sale at my yoga studio, which raised over $200 for Farm Sanctuary in New York! We are doing a walk for the animals in downtown Louisville on Oct. 16, followed by a vegan picnic!

lately i've been writing nearly every day in a gratitude journal. it's supposed to be patterned after the one I read about in Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project. It's hard to keep to one or two short sentences ... habit blog might just make me better at that. Check it out, it's super cool!

I still have that wish to take better photos for my blog ... maybe I can self-educate? I often find workshops more invigorating, though ... we shall see!

love and light to you, dear friends. i still read your blogs nearly every day, and they help keep me going! am so grateful for finding all of you and being part of your community. this truly is a community!

i'll be back, real soon.


  1. Good to hear from you Karen! I'm glad you're almost settled in. It will be a real treat to have a dedicated sewing/knitting room or what-have-you. It makes such a difference in being able to actively make things. Your blog posts always make me wish I could knit... perhaps someday when I have a bit more free time to dedicate to learning a new skill.

    Thanks for your comment on my last entry. I love the mei tai carrier idea, and hope the baby really enjoys using it. And yes, I noticed recently that "Sew Liberated" had a connection with Montessori schools... I only discovered her blog because I love a sewing book that she's published by the same title. It's definitely become more of an interest to me as I think about how I want to parent our little one.

    Oh, and glad the bag is of use! I wanted to send you something practical, but fun as I know you're trying to downsize the amount of "things" you have. Which is something I really need to try to do more before the baby comes!

    Take care! I'll talk to you soon!

  2. I totally have those plates, the black & white one on the right of your first picture. :)