Monday, November 22, 2010

healthy limits

i'm needing to set some "online time" limits for myself.

i'm on the computer too much every night, and on the weekends. i'm not reading books, knitting, sewing, writing letters to friends, or getting simple household tasks accomplished. i'm also not going for walks as frequently as i would like.

i'm thinking, try no more than one hour a day between blog reading, facebook, and whatever else i use this for. tonight i've been on for three and a half hours already. it's ridiculous, but it does go by fast. i could easily stay on for three more hours if i let myself.

it's just too much, and i think a lot of us face this dilemma when trying to move toward a simpler life in the digital age. there's a lot of inspiration to be had out there from blogs and other forums, but there comes a point where you realize you've done more vegging (as in making popcorn to sit by the computer some more! guilty!) than doing despite all of your inspirations.

i think i can do it for a week to start, and go from there.

i want my sanity back. normal life back. eye health. a feeling of satisfaction in pursuing my own hobbies after a long day's work. to feel refreshed, not bugged-out from the screen.

do any of you cope with these issues, as well? i'd like to hear your thoughts.

i'm getting off this thing to make up my bed with clean sheets, take a shower, clean the cat area, wash dishes, prepare pumpkin bar ingredients for tomorrow, and perhaps do some knitting and reading, and visiting with someone special.

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  1. We talked about this on Facebook but yes, I suffer from too much online time as well. I am on the computer all day at work and it used to be, I could avoid it at night but lately that has not been the case. Not to mention I get Twitter, Facebook, text updates on my phone all the time. It's just not healthy. So I am inspired by your quest to set online time limits. I'm also wondering if you could teach me how to knit? ;-)