Thursday, November 25, 2010

A time for thanks

that was the feast i just enjoyed, alone, with not a light on except a flickering candle. in my living room, watching it pour down rain here for a second day. a wonderfully quiet, peaceful, and contemplative span of moments.

and yes, that is all vegan food you see! :-) i am so happy that no animals had to be harmed for me to thank the earth for all of its bounty, which is all we need.

in a while, i'll call my parents, then a close friend whose birthday it is today.

i have some peppermint tea here and a spot of knitting which i will share with you if i ever get it finished! it's for an orphan i adopted through frugal trenches' blog, who lives in China.

i won't list all i'm grateful for here, but i feel all of those things residing heavily, comfortably, in my heart.

most of all, i'm grateful for turning my vision for life into action, manifested in numerous instances throughout my daily journey. i'm glad for whatever gave me such strong, intuitive, compassionate vision. and for continuing to cultivate it in myself through mindful living and yoga practice.

i still write in my gratitude journal every few days.

tomorrow, i'm going to the lovely fair trade shop, a couple of local bookstores, and a louisville-themed gift shop. i will buy a few things for others for christmas on buy nothing day, things that benefit the lives of those in the third world, the lives of those in my home community, and the environment, through such as used books that get a second life. forget the "door buster" deals. i'll take things slow with a good warm drink from the locally-owned coffeeshop in hand.

i'm also going to decorate my house for christmas, briefly babysit a lovely 4-year-old girl, and watch my favorite holiday movie, "Love, Actually" to kick off my favorite season of the year.

and the weekend holds yet another vegetarian community potluck, trying my hand at gifts of homemade vegan peppermint bark, and baking lemon gem cupcakes for a dear friend's birthday. hmmm...maybe a very chilly hike too!

i can't believe that in three weeks i'll be on a train headed home to crisp, snowy new england! at last! oh ... and i'd better start knitting like crazy, 'cause i've been too ambitious, as usual!

it's a busy season and i'm grateful for all the purposeful bustle it entails. i will not forget others in my quest, and perhaps will share with you who i'm helping during this blessed season of giving.

you can't see it too well, but i'm looking at a lot of rain out there. don't you love that tree? late fall, in all its glory.

and here's what i am going to enjoy in a couple of hours! vegan sweet potato pie from scratch with caramelized-sugary-nut topping! mmmmmmmm.


  1. Love Actually is my favorite movie! Happy Thanksgiving. Your plans sound wonderful.