Tuesday, December 21, 2010

elving and such.

gifts for the girlfriends.

well, i'm finally back home in connecticut after a two-day travel delay due to a nasty little ice storm we got hit with in louisville. there is no snow here, i can't believe it! i am so happy that solstice happened and now the days will get longer! somehow makes the rest of winter much more bearable.

here's what i did to kill time in louisville before getting on my bus to chicago, where i caught the train east.

drank and snacked at the new euro pub called the holy grale. great stuff!

amazing vegan breakfast!

enjoyed the "snow"

ate vegan cupcakes!

i've been busy "elving" here, as amanda soule would say. haven't wrapped any gifts yet, but i have been knitting my fingers off (for two hours last night while watching the original Miracle on 34th Street, yay!) and picking up last minute stocking stuffers (mostly candy), making peppermint bark for friends, and cooking with a ton of veggies and eating a ton of fruit. it's nice to be on vacation!

i'll be here until next monday, and then i'll train home again. the train was so romantic and old-fashioned...just up my alley. here are some pictures from amtrak.

merry christmas to you all! i will try and post some pics soon of what it looks like around here. the wrapping paper is soon to fly, which makes me glad i simplified this year -- much less of it to do! i love love LOVE simple, frugal christmas, and only hope it becomes more so as the years go on!

off to a girls' night gathering with very old (well, not actually old, lol!), dear friends. wine and snacky stuff. should be cozy! and, of course, the knitting is coming, too.

i'm also crafting my annual new year's intentions, and i'll be comparing them with last year's list. stay posted!

love and light to all of you, and happy solstice!! soon enough i'll be back to the classroom, renewed and ready for the second half of the year! yes, i'm reading them heidi in the afternoons!


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