Monday, December 13, 2010

out breath.

Tonight, as I was flitting about like a bird getting this and that small detail accomplished, I very briefly looked up, and SAW around me. And I realized, with the tiniest moment of flooding relief, that all was so very close to perfect. That things were lovely, 99 percent of them, just as they stand, because I work so diligently on a daily basis to make them so. A nice feeling to have before you go on a trip.

I'm completely packed and ready, save for a few snacks yet to make up on Wednesday night, and a couple things from the shower to throw in the bag. Suitcase, vintage carryon, laptop case. That's it! Nice and streamlined this year. I can't wait to take my big trip on the train. I love the train. This train ride is 18 hours long. I did it last year and it was great. So much nicer, and cheaper, than flying, who cares if flying time is much shorter (2 hours)?

I can't wait to revisit New England. The first weekend back are planned: a friend's art booth at a charity event, a surprise (hhmmmmm?) from a friend, a Christmas party, and a day in New York City! Oh NYC how I love and miss you.

For now, a very old and dear friend to me is visiting for the next two days. So, two nights on the town are in order.

There are just two days left of school, as well.

I'll leave you with some pictures of the last-minute stuff.

tonight's dinner, spinach "saag aloo" over white rice....YUM!!!!

this elf has been super busy knitting. two sessions at home today and one at a coffeeshop. this will be a hat for a cousin i'm pretty sure does not read this blog ....

this will probably be my breakfast tomorrow....

testing out the soup for the teacher's potluck lunch tomorrow ... vegan golden lentil

snacks! vegan jerky!

taking a little breath

and, of course, vegan chocolate chip cookies for my guest!

tomorrow is school, home for dinner, yin yoga class (haven't been in a studio for a couple weeks now, missing it!!), airport to pick up guest.

namaste! love and light!



  1. That is the coziest-looking home I've ever seen. I love it.

    And I am dying to visit. I need a job so I can get some money and then...take time off, to visit you. =/ Gah. I hate that I have plenty of time right now, but no funds...blah.

    SUPER excited to see you soon!!! <3

  2. Good to appreciate what we have. Agreed.