Sunday, January 9, 2011

nursing a cold

I'm still here ... been offline for a few days, but I've now fixed the problem. I'm also nursing a nasty cold that had me up at 5:30 a.m. ... I'm on the couch in my nightgown and a sweater with a blanket on my lap and some coffee, with the heat cranked to 75 because it's horribly frigid outdoors and the chill gets in my bones too easily. my weapons of choice: children's liquid cough syrup, sudafed cold and sinus, "herba tussin" and yogi detox tea, vitamin d3 (2,000 mg/day), and TONS of soup, both homemade and amy's organic "no chicken noodle." and loads of rest and taking it easy (sorry yoga class and new jade mat).

but ... i'm getting knitting and reading and classroom materials done...i'm going to give these a shot. you know you love them! i have a gorgeous soft fuzzy cream-colored yarn. i also want to make myself a pair of legwarmers .... and i'm finishing two christmas scarves and a dishcloth. will also write a letter to a friend if i'm feeling up to it, and maybe clean up the clothes off my studio floor.

last night, i made tomato vermicelli soup from apples for jam, and vegan mushroom/spinach breakfast strata from 1,000 vegan recipes. i love new cookbooks. i just wish i could taste my food ... or get my neti pot water through my nose ...

...i want to make peanut soup and pizza, but they might have to wait until my nose unclogs so i can enjoy them!

hope you all are doing well. i'm hoping for a snow day this week to get some more rest in. judging from the weather the south/midwest has been having this year (worse than new england's!), it might not be a problem. even my cats are so cold they've taken to laying over the heating grates!

love, light, and WARMTH!,


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