Thursday, January 20, 2011

some bright and cheery for the snowy and gloomy

I've been really disappointed in the lackluster sheen to my blog lately. of course, i blame winter's low/lack of light. i have plenty of pictures...but no literally shining stars.

so maybe i'll just brighten things up with photo credits for a while.

there hasn't been much to update lately, other than a few yummy things i've made in the kitchen. the unusually cold and snowy weather here, and many consistently gloomy days, have made me a bit more blecchhhhyy feeling than usual in terms of mood.

i've tried to compensate by forcing trips to the yoga studio and the Y, which i recently joined. last night was much-needed swimming in the pool, followed by a full moon yoga gathering of women at another yoga studio than my own, which was very powerful and cleansing.

there is knitting going on. but it, too, seems forced. so too the weekly stitch and bitch sessions. maybe i'll post on ravelry someday ... this pic is not knit by me but it's an elizabeth zimmermmann baby sweater...on my own list of intentions for this year.

i am being pretty strict on getting eight hours of sleep per night. i can't seem to get enough. it's dark at 8 a.m. here. this is difficult.

somehow, i'm slogging through. it's not as bad as i'm making it seem, but tell that to my brain chemistry sometimes!

on one hand, though, a bit of romance is in the air. cautious romance, but romance nonetheless.

there are layers. and as much as i love vintage sundresses and bare feet, i also love layers. i'm a matching layers kind of gal.

it's also amazing what good earrings, and actually wearing them again, can do for you. ditto on red hair. i'm considering a cut of these long locks, too ....

up soon: a trip to a local bakery for vegan treats, and a very mellow vegan chili/stew party at mi casa featuring locally-made fresh bread, and gifts of salad, wine, dessert.

there are novels being read: atonement, living outside the box (a book about living without TV, which i've been doing for a few years now). i'm soon to start water for elephants, and maybe the girl with the dragon tattoo. and then i'll watch all the movies that accompany them.

there are netflix flicks being downloaded and watched in bed.

and when the weather goes above 35 degrees, there are walks in the parks around here. soon, i'm hoping, there will be hikes again.

i'm popping 2,000 mg of vitamin D3 every day. i was taking it every other day, then i got a cold so i upped it and now the nose is running clear again after 7 days. not bad. cough all gone, too.

i'm trying to recommit to veganism after the holidays tripped me up. it would be easy if i had any inspiration to cook. but maybe tonight i'm going to make green tea rice with tofu and snow peas from the cookbook 1,000 Vegan recipes.

so much seems forced, but doing it is good for me and i know it. and there is always st. john's wort, but i'm hoping to see the sun around here a bit more in the near future. fingers crossed (as it snows outside 4 to 6 inches as we speak ....)

i hope i didn't sound too down. i'm not ... just .... cabin fever-y. maybe i just need to get out more and have some drinks and live music keeping my heart warm and lively! hmmm ..... oh yeah! i bought some of these for my classroom and they're reminding me that better days are coming!

i think i'm feeling a bit better after those bright photos, aren't you? and after a cup of hot tea and a hot shower i will feel even more restored.


  1. Karen,
    I LOVE these longs posts when I feel like I have a zillion things to comment on! :) I suppose I'll go with a list as per usual so it's easier to digest:

    1. I want to knit that sweater, too! It's been on my to-knit list. Perhaps it'll be made soon for my niece. Keep us updated please if you do knit it, I'd love to see yours! :)

    2. Adorable green sundress + sweater. Love it.

    3. That haircut would be adorable on you, and yes, sometimes chopping off all the heavy locks is a lovely change.

    4. Water for Elephants! Very fun that it involves circuses. Not always FUN, know what I meant. Great read. I haven't read Atonement yet, although I THINK I saw the movie. Worth the read??

    5. I, too, have been feeling very "off". Had several panic attacks a couple days ago because of feeling overwhelmed by being sick/school/moving/etc. I couldn't even motivate to read or knit!!! Everyone was shocked by that, haha. But I have been feeling more like my old self, after getting back into a routine again & actually forcing myself to pick up the needles. Took a while, but I'm almost there. I am sending all my love & lots of healing hugs in hopes that you feel like the wonderful, amazing, beautiful, centered Karen that you are. We can't be too long without you!! <3

    6. TULIPS!!!!!!! <3

    xoxoxox girlie. I hope you feel 100% again soon. I know you will. <3 <3 <3

  2. Yes, it does just sound like you are in the midst of a winter funk (desire for a haircut is always a good indicator!). You're doing the right things though - getting color into your life is helpful. Love the tulips! Your kids will love them too. Do you listen to knitting podcasts/creativity podcasts? They help to keep me "up" when I'm low. Have you ever thought of getting one of those full-spectrum lights... or the ones especially made for people suffering with SAD? I will be keeping that in mind when I eventually end up back in MN.

    Thanks for sharing the sunshiny pictures and I hope things will perk up for you this week!

  3. The photos definitely cheered me up! I've been feeling the same way and have thought about getting some St. John's Wort myself...let's hope we get some sunshine soon :)