Tuesday, February 1, 2011

i'm still here

vegan chocolate chip cookies, homemade, from 1,000 vegan recipes

just hibernating, a bit. not too much to report. slogging through this winter. some nights at yoga, some at the pool, most just home, spending more time in the kitchen.

i have a few lovely food pictures i've been collecting. i'll share with you soon. the cookbook 1,000 vegan recipes is inspiring! i've made a wonderful soup last night from it: butternut-curry-tomato-lentil-swiss chard. YUM! also this week i used up some frozen tortillas and made spinach-mushroom-black bean quesadillas dipped into vegenaise and frank's red hot. holy amazingness (and SAME cookbook, see a trend here? lol!!)

there has been a TINY bit of sunshine here, and temps into the 40's .. heat wave lol!

i'm not having much inspiration to knit and i have so many unfinished projects ... oh well. it is what it is.

on the plus side, i'm reading a lot of books! try water for elephants if you're in need of a good one.

the vegan chili party went well....

~that's spicy jerk-seasoned "beef" chili ... from guess what cookbook ...

i've also been out with two co-workers and had some amazing VEGAN sushi ....

ate breakfast at whole foods...steel cut oatmeal! look at that sun! so fleeting ...

i've just used my slow cooker to make my own! and mixed in vegan butter, walnuts, dried cranberries and raisins, agave/maple syrup blend, and flaxseeds. YUMM-O.

and tonight, i'm going to bake some tofu i've been marinating for a day in homemade bbq sauce (also from 1,000 VR) and make a sandwich.

i've taken to drinking wine a few hours before bed on sunday nights. very relaxing!

it's a boring winter time.

has anyone made the honey cake from Apples for Jam? It looks divine!


  1. Mmmm... That looks like the oatmeal I make, but I've never put strawberries on it! We've been getting a very few in our CSA shares; that would be a terrrific use for them!

    And those black bean burritos sound fantastic. You're making me suuuuper hungry! :)

  2. Between what I've seen you and Shelli make, I have got to get that cookbook! It's going on my list :)

    I'm glad you tried the slow cooker oatmeal, I need to make that myself soon, it's been a while!