Monday, February 7, 2011


I'm glad to see I'm not the only one having trouble with regular blog posts lately. Oddly, I've been surprisingly busy these past couple of weeks. Setting the wheels in motion for the rest of the school year, mainly ... and for my school "year" this summer. The last set of courses before I receive my master's! An exciting time.

It's been nearly 10 days without any exercise. I blame business and cold weather. So a Yin Yoga class tomorrow will be a real treat.

I am nearly done with a Christmas (yes) present scarf. One more Christmas present (yes, that's for the one that just passed) scarf and I'm free to finish up a wristwarmer for myself and a hat for myself and maybe finally move on to that baby surprise jacket project ... knitting motivation is hard for me these days.

mostly, i'm just holed up in bed by 8:30 p.m. with a book ... or three. tonight's an exception. i was up late writing parent-teacher conference e-mails!

i need to set some manageable goals for myself. like tomorrow morning, forcing myself out of bed BEFORE eight to ten hours of sleep have occurred, do some yoga, maybe even bake some bread (carrot-cranberry-walnut) and prepare lunch before heading out to school.

my mantra these days is: self-care. sometimes there aren't enough hours in busy days so we create them where we can.

this coming weekend, after two busy ones of running errands (which i normally avoid at all costs), i'll be: snuggling, hiking, maybe visiting the local art museum, and having yummy mexican food out and yummy homemade food in. literally, that's it. no work allowed!

i'm still considering a new haircut and hair redder than the red it is now. freshening up the winter. which we apparently still have a few more weeks of. been a rough go this year!

sure wish my posts were more interesting ... soon, maybe, soon! i keep hoping. :-)

love and light,


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