Sunday, April 17, 2011

bloom where you are planted!

look what i just found in my own yard! cuttings for inside, to be sure!!

So, dbf and i have decided NOT to move, after all, saving us a $900 deposit that we can instead put toward some much-needed new furniture (the futon I've been sleeping on faithfully for oh, 7 years will be used as a guest bed), plants, antique-y end tables, and the like.

when my roommate who owns the house moves out, we will move from one to two full bathrooms, we will have a bedroom upstairs with his and hers closets (small, it is a 1930's-ish bungalow), and THREE extra rooms. We plan on using on for my studio, possibly one for a guest/yoga space, and the last one for his space? We are none too sure yet. But it will be nice to spread out a bit, declutter even some more JUNK, and keep the back yard and large deck for gardening and grilling!

All while saving up for a down payment on a house. Or investing in a farm school Montessori concept. More on that at some time in the future .....

so with that, i leave you for now, to go set up an egg carton decorating party in my classroom, spend time with a friend getting some tips on how to play my new banjo, and hanging out at the yoga studio which is celebrating its five-year anniversary with free vegan food from our town's new vegan food truck!

speaking of vegan, i've fallen back on vegetarian ways during the last week. i'm still not sure on 100 percent veganism, i guess. i want to be, but i'm just not sure. i can't seem to commit to it, committing feels forced. maybe i just need to let go and realize i am vegan 95 percent of the time. i am generally careful what kinds of eggs and cheese i eat. right now i have some spicy goat cheese from the farmer's market (produced "humanely" 30ish miles away in indiana). i truly don't think we are meant to eat the byproducts of another animal's body. but if i do it five or six times a year i have to be more gentle on myself. i don't know. do any of you have thoughts on this?

(taco salad on local greens made with "beef," spicy chili beans, black beans, and daiya cheddar with some other goodness mixed in ... sorry i forgot to picture the guacamole i added on top too)

also, i am looking for ideas on easy meals now that the weather is warming up and i want to not be baking and cooking by my oven for hours on end. please forward me any links or recipes that you think would fit that category. thanks so much!

happy week to you,


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  1. So lovely to see you twice in one weekend!
    After 3.5 years of 100% vegan I am no longer vegan. I'd love to chat with you more about it if you like, but essentially I had a hard time eating packaged processed food from who-knows-where, when I could support friends and local farmers and know exactly where my food comes from.
    I spent years hungry- juicing, sprouting, and seaweed-ing my way to "healthy" when all I did was end up with some vitamin and mineral deficiencies. I'm feeling better these days- partly due to the rich orangey yellow yolks of the eggs I get from my friends Josh and Morgan and also because I've let go of a label to define me.
    Good luck on your new furniture search! Much love!