Saturday, April 23, 2011

stormy morns. .. and nights ... and afternoons ...

happy asparagus season! this is our gift this morning from the farmer's market.

Hello there from the stormy, stormy, stormy midwest!

It's been a real humdinger here. days and days of loud weather radios, tornado sirens, thunder, and lightning ... and five days more of it to come. it's craziness.

it's a good day to stay home (after a morning at the farmer's market and a drizzled-on local greenie festival at the local nature center, during which i battled a monumental weather/lack of sleep migraine) .... my plans are to wash and fold laundry, listen to npr stations, bake chocolate chip cookies, knit, watch a movie, you know ... the good stuff. self-care is in high order.

i am lucky to have cheery pink and yellow tulips brightening things up, thanks to a sweet parent of one of my students. they'll soon be planted in our front yard after this nasty system passes. we're going to see if we can borrow some tools from a friendly neighbor. we are also going to start our "garden" ... hopefully a raised bed and some pots for tomatoes! we've never gardened before, ever. so this is another small step towards realizing the dream of the farm school.

we spent some time at the festival talking with a husband and wife farmer team who have been doing it small-scale on a 30-acre farm not too far from louisville. they began with chickens and now own some other animals, grow a large veg garden, and partner with a creamery neighbor. it was good to know they started just three years ago and are doing well for themselves. it is my dream to live on a farm of sorts. a small farm would be fine.

the garden is one small foray.

here is a recent salad made with locally grown bibb lettuce and cucumbers and regionally-produced spicy goat cheese. vegetarianism is temporarily working for me. my body was feeling a bit deprived. boyfriend made some delicious local eggs this afternoon. i only bought half a dozen. i try to be gentle on myself. sometimes i think "vegan" is a hard label to live up to all the time. it's a wonderful ideal. but for me, reality in following said diet is about 95 percent.

here are the wooden easter eggs the children painted and hunted for. it was a real success. good-bye forever, plastic eggs! next year i am moving from plastic/paper drinking cups to real cups, health department regs be darned. we're already there with cloth napkins. montessori guides should practice what they believe! :-)

last night, we made a homemade pizza. it felt wonderful to do that again on a friday night. we watched the new version of charlie and the chocolate factory. tonight, maybe vegan chili dogs with baked homemade french fries.

it's a good day to reflect on life's path ... so i'm gonna go do that. wish me luck getting to sleep for once with all this storminess going on!

love and light,


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  1. That salad looks amazing! I can't wait for the season of homegrown fresh greens to be upon us for real. Glad you've been safe through those storms.