Sunday, May 1, 2011

sunday at home.

today was a good day, spent out to breakfast at our favorite little place. yesterday we went to a fiber festival (i only spent $25 but I could have bought tons more yarn!) and got inspiration to do needle felting/felted soap. we also went to an art festival, where we bought some regionally-produced vegan soap.

after breakfast today, i came home and cleaned the place for TWO hours straight. came up with two bags full for the goodwill. did laundry, swept floors, re-organized the studio (which sadly has become a catchall/closet). i love the feeling of simplifying, simplifying, simplifying. we simply don't need all the STUFF most of us have. i'm always amazed that there's something else I can give away or eliminate!

now i'm going to make blackberry-banana vegan muffins.

yes - after some unpleasantness with cream cheese (i think), resulting in two days of stomach cramping and other intenstinal problems, i am back to vegan eating.

tonight's dinner will likely be an easy salad making use of local greens and asparagus.

we are facing a big decision soon - whether to stay in the house where we are currently living or move to a friend's house, where there is an already-established garden. we'll know this week what we're going to do. the friend's house is a lot smaller, but this house we're in now is a beast to take care of. and we're just renting. however, we do like having tons of space (but not tons of clutter!) there are pros and cons to both, so we'll just have to weigh them and see what will work best for us. i'm dying to get at least some basil going this summer, so I can put by pesto for the fall. i want to grow something!!

the next few weeks are going to be crazy for me, what with end-of-school parties and activities, and getting ready for my 10-day trip to portland and summer of traveling. i will try to be here when i can.

we are still working on "being good" with our newly-combined money but are eating out too, too much. it's a bad habit. there is a good chunk of money already in the savings though so at least we are getting somewhere slowly.

that's all for now!

love and light,


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