Tuesday, May 3, 2011

we are moving! (haha yes AGAIN for me)

Well, we've decided ... (actually the decision was forced on us ... I won't go into the sour-ness of those grapes here, though...let's just say it was a nearly sleepless night) ...

we are MOVING! into a friend's home who is leaving for several years due to a new job opportunity.

we have an established garden! with strawberry, raspberry, blueberry plants, kiwis, even. and i'm going to plant tons and tons upon tons of basil. there's other stuff out there, too ... i can't even remember it all!

we had breakfast for dinner tonight: local eggs mixed with local asparagus and other veggies and a bit of organic (ha) mozzarella cheese (my dairy thing seems to be hit or miss?), herb roasted potatoes from vegan with a vengeance, and cinnamon raisin ezekiel bread with earth balance (adam's had peanut butter). YUMMMM-o. something about breakfast for dinner after a tough day at school and two nights of staying up too late (currently experiencing that lightheaded drunken feeling from being overtired) ... just. so. comforting.

so, yeah ... .we move, in two weeks. we'll probably live out of boxes all summer due to our crazy travel plans, but that's okay. it's going to be a busy time through October-ish, Adam is going back to school and I am writing papers to round out my master's in education. And we'll be nesting into the place (definitely planning some antique store finds and filling the house with plants!) starting in August. Pictures soon. It's a cute house in a good neighborhood. And I think we'll be there for two years. I don't know ... I'm getting good at being a professional mover!

I have a four-day weekend coming up, and I was planning on it being an overall restful one at home despite having to move up parent-teacher email conferences because of moving.

I leave for Portland, Oregon in just two weeks! To take the train cross country and see my best friend for 10 days. Then a weekend with Adam in Chicago on the way back. I'm stoked. Any Portland reccomendations for me? I'm also planning a short trip to Asheville, N.C. before school starts mid-June.

What are your busy summer plans?


  1. Portland should be rad! Have fun!

  2. Good luck with the move and your trips this summer :) We are planning to move too, we are buying a condo that we should close on at the end of May!