Wednesday, July 13, 2011

anxiety relief, found again in nature

quite a while back, i gave up keeping close tabs on the news.

somehow, recently, i started that up again.

now i know why i quit. too much sadness. disbelief at what human beings do to each other. what we are doing to our world. it goes on.

does anyone else feel overwhelmed and hopeless and powerless by the media machine?

i needed some time in nature, really. it was long overdue.

i found this little piece of heaven in a corner of CT called Cornwall and hiked it for three hours. Ate lunch on a rock. Made friends with a heron, a deer, a cottontail, butterflies, birds, bugs, and a crab skeleton.

i drove home in blessed pouring sweet smelling summer rain.

i got excellent coffee (on a strange starbucks kick recently).

i decided to give up the news and just go for the cursory headline checks again. just too much anxiety. why, when all we can change is our corner of things in the hope of a ripple effect?

hoping you are at peace as well, dear readers. i'm feeling a bit better listening to gillian welch's wonderful new album.

i'll be at hot yoga in the morning, letting go.

i'll leave you with a few more pictures of my hike today. can you spot the gentle deer i spotted less than 10 feet from me? what a treasure!

peace to all beings.

love and light,


  1. The news is awful, I can only stand it for about 2 minutes to get the weather and traffic reports. I'm glad you found a beautiful escape :)

  2. I gave up watching the news years ago - it's just too depressing. These day I find out anything major via facebook or twitter :-). The odd time I hear the news on the radio it's always bad and a reminder of why I don't listen to it.
    What a great little place you found to explore. I need to do more of that - esp. while my feet are good.