Sunday, November 6, 2011

cooking, centering.

 I really keep meaning to return to this space more often than I do.

I wish I could post my beautiful pictures, my knitting, my sewing projects. But I don't even know where my camera is, and getting used to a new job with sometimes wacky hours has made me often just too tired/uninspired for crafting. plus i'm not doing ANY holiday knitting this year, so i lack the usual motivation for this time of year. i can't wait for the crafting bug to hit, though. i'm amazed it hasn't yet. but like i said, routine is different.

been trying to cook when i can, as that always centers me and makes me feel whole. Tonight, I made the green bean souffle loaf from Apples for Jam (GREAT comfort food cookbook!), and tomorrow I plan on making pear tart from the same book. I also made a great pumpkin and black bean soup this past week. Does anyone have a good slow-cooked beans dish for me? I'd love to use (dry) kidneys or pintos. Let me know! I'm really craving beans this time of year.

tomorrow is a rare day off. i plan on making some order out of my "studio" which is the third time this poor environment's been moved around the apartment. i don't think i've ever worked in one of my studios yet. i really hope this changes, though if i get a job i'll be moving from here in six months or so. sigh. such is life.

does it bother anyone else that "holiday" (why can't we just say christmas? i'm not even religious) starts now before halloween is even over?  i'm rarely in the shops but i was at old navy buying some new jeans for work the other day and they were playing christmas carols. drives me mad. definitely puts a damper on my spirits. :-( just a vent. sorry!

if anyone would like the recipes for what i've been making, i'd be happy to post them.

happy week to you! i'm off to read The Help.

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  1. Oooh, enjoy The Help!! And yes, carols already is driving me NUTS. Especially because they postponed Halloween this year (because of the snowstorm) and therefore we haven't even had THAT yet! Haha. Anyway - I've given you my slow-cooker recipe for Afrian sweet potato and red bean stew before, right? It's vegan and it's DELICIOUS, and it's not solely bean-y, more peanut-buttery, but still. YUM.

    Best wishes for some inspiring creativity to come your way soon!! xoxoxo