Monday, November 7, 2011

today was a wonderful day of staying home most of the day. i also went out and bought yarn for a dog coat I plan on making once the right size needles are back in stock, a vintage desk chair, butter dish, and 1940's red clock.isn't it cute on my yellow table? the flowers are from Trader Joe's.

Today, I also made the pear butter cake from Apples for Jam (which looked almost exactly like the one in the photo above, culled from google images). That cookbook sure does produce some deliciousness! I also imbibed in some pumpkin ice cream from Trader Joe's. It's so wonderful having Trader Joe's here now, at last.

I've decided to carry on with my home "school" now that the dust is settling! I think, two days a week for two to three hours sounds right. Of course, we'll make and eat lunch together! It will just be a seed for what's to one day come (hmmmm starting my own farm school?). I no longer have space for a dedicated classroom but with a gorgeous apartment, plenty of child-sized furniture and Montessori materials, I am just as confident. It's so important to fulfill your dreams, even if they start very small. I'm also considering a once-weekly children's knitting group.

I'm spending too much time on my computer again. I really am thinking of setting limits for myself. Worked last time. I'm not doing ANY knitting, but I am doing a lot of thinking about it. I am happy with my decision to not knit any gifts specifically for Christmas or birthdays this year. Instead, I like the idea of sending a little love to someone year-round when they're not expecting it! I think "happy christmas" and "happy birthday" suffices. Really, I do. I'm really getting over material Christmas. I can't wait to give to the local food bank, and some favorite charities. Like Farm Sanctuary and St. Jude's.

I'd also like to focus on reading more, for pleasure, of course. Computer time really eats away at that.

The remainder of this week will be somewhat busy, but I think I'll make tofu chili and pumpkin-black bean soup again, and I think life is calling for some pumpkin-chocolate chip bread, hm?

be well out there.

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  1. Love your idea of sending little presents to people year-round. I adore giving and receiving random gifts!