Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm adding to the list of new year's intentions:

Cook a recipe once a week. Chances are I'll do it way more than that once I settle in to a teaching job in the Philly area, but this one is so important to me so I'd like to make it achievable. I miss being in the kitchen more than I am now, and being purposeful yet meditative, and producing a healthy, delicious result -- and now I can do that for two! I'm so excited to cook for my love!

 Tomorrow I actually begin the physical process of packing, having already sold off a few items of furniture. I will also reserve the U-Haul this week.

To prepare myself mentally, I've treated myself to a few vintage mixing bowls ... and a cup of hot ginger-pear tea from Trader Joe's. I will post pics of the bowls tomorrow or this week sometime when the light is better (it's getting dark out now).

This is an incredibly busy time upstairs in my mind and heart. I'm hoping to figure a more regular yoga practice and daily meditation/reading into that mix to keep things (like emotions) more balanced.

Hope your week, too, is blessed with love and light.


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  1. Hi, Love!

    Still reading your wonderful blog full of good thoughts and positive intentions! What is so funny is that my mom (knowing that we were short on mixing bowls) just sent 3 thrift cutesy bowls in the mail. She works at a thrift store these days! So I'd love to see yours! I think you'll probably cook more when it's for 2 and once you've settled into a more regular schedule. I miss cooking, myself, now that I'm lucky enough to be living with someone who loves to cook more than I do! OOh, such an exciting future ahead! Love to you both!