Wednesday, January 4, 2012

new year, new intentions.

There's a lot of new around here, actually ....
entry steps, philadelphia art museum

 Has it really been over a MONTH since I last blogged? I guess life just has not been standing still as in years past. It's a very transitional year, in so many ways ... I said a couple of necessary good-byes, worked my first (and, turns out, last in KY) Montessori lead teacher job, went to school for my master's, obtained my master's, and met and started dating the man of my dreams!

Now ... I'm leaving Kentucky in a month. The man ... has said ... he wants to marry me! Oh, yes. I mean, we have some livin' it up to do first, but ... when you know, you know. And we both know. I'm so happy to be moving closer to him. Oh, more about him in another post ... Oh, and in case you weren't clear, he asked me. And I said YES!!! It's unofficial, of course ... I need a ring (heeeee!!) and a father's permission. But it was the sweetest, most natural, most loving, proposal ever and you know it's real when he's asking you 'cause he just can't keep it in .....

 I spent Christmas and New Year's traveling to see my boyfriend, my parents, my grandparents, and my very best friends. I saw where I'll be working in Philly. I did some knitting, not a lot, and more reading.
flowers, redding terminal market, philadelphia

 Actually, I came here to jot down, per custom, some of my new year's intentions. I try to keep it simple. so .....

write a letter or send a package once a month (i didn't do this last year and REALLY want to try this).

join the postcard project (google it ... very cool idea!).

go back to portland to visit my best friend

learn to sew (grr this one keeps getting carried over year to year!!)

faithfully save 10 percent of each paycheck

do yoga regularly

i'll add to that, maybe, but ... that's enough, for me. I'm likely to be starting a new job at some point this year (teaching, please!!) and settling in to a new part of the country, and finding a new place to nest, and making new friends, and making his friends, and figuring out where the yoga/knitting/hiking is, and riding the train two little hours to NYC (hee), and well ... that all just tends to keep one very busy indeed.

did i mention he also dreams of living in the vermont mountains one day ... ?? ah, yes, a keeper for sure ...

happy new year to you all. love and light. be easy on yourself. my big mantra for the year: go easy. have fun. live it up!!

xo xo xo,


p.s. i'm getting MARRIED!!!!!!!


  1. Wow, Karen! You're getting married!! I agree that when you know, you know...and I am so happy for you!

  2. So glad to hear you are so happy :) Have a great 2012!

  3. Hurray! Congrats again! I like the part about the VT Mountains one day too...

    It appears I can comment again! Hurray for that too!

  4. I knew you had a new fella (from sparodic reading on Facebook) but didn't realize there was a marriage proposal. So happy and excited for you. Sometimes you just have to wait for Mr Right :-).