Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I started today with a green smoothie, courtesy of Heather's whole foods workshop. I'm loving being immersed in crafting meals with simple ingredients that taste amazing and, of course, are seriously upping my plant intake! Thanks so much to Heather and her guest contributors for a wealth of new opportunities in the kitchen! Fiance is helping me plan what we eat, too ... which is great, to convert over to a new way of eating is so wonderful for him.

I made a big jar of popcorn to take to work today ... try it with coconut oil (stove-popped). MMMM. serious MMM. fiance is addicted. i am addicted. This, too, is inspired by the workshop.

We will round out the week with cauliflower-curry stew, curried vegetable chowder, and maple/tamari roasted rainbow veggies over quinoa with honey miso tofu. Last night, we made Isa's vegan tacos again with a garlic-lemon-yogurt dip that I plugged into a lavash wrap for my lunch tonight at work.

Finally, we are definitely enjoying leftover cranberry-apple crumble (me with soy ice cream, which omnivore fiance does not like consistency of).

Here is the sauteed chard with pineapple and caramelized onions over red quinoa. not the best lighting but you get the gist. the gist is that this was FABULOUS!

Life is all about food lately. I'm not complaining though! Off to try some home-brewed ginger pear iced tea :-)

We also took a day trip to Amish country and another one to Cape May.

Must find time for knitting ......;-)

love and light,


p.s. here's some cat love you might enjoy!


  1. Isn't Heather's class wonderful? Just love her. I haven't made anything yet but - had a bad few weeks with arthritis but am feeling much better now and should be able to play more in the kitchen. It's hard with the girls - Chirsty would eat hardly any of the meals so I'd have to make two things :-(.
    Love the photos you've taken on your travels. Looks like you've got some fun places to explore now. And it's wonderful "hearing" you so happy :-).

  2. We have been loving Heather's course as well, and the curried vegetable chowder was a favorite this week. It is always neat to have a new way of looking at food, and an inspiration for good cooking.

  3. Love the wonderful food ideas. MMM.

    So great that you have community support in your blog, too, from classmates. :)