Monday, February 27, 2012

just things.

there has been a lot of baking and cooking around here lately ... a recurring theme around here, for sure! as i write, there are raspberry-oat bars baking in the oven. i am learning a lot from this workshop and hoping to get started on finally organizing all things kitchen according to some of the helpful tips and ideas i've been given.

in other news ...i am changing my work schedule so as to work mainly "mids" (no super early or super late shifts)

i have a "dream job" interview on thursday (VERMONT.....). dreaming of my own school, should it be a co-op? also pondering getting waldorf trained.

john's dad died saturday. the funeral is next saturday. it wasn't unexpected, but it wasn't easy, either. also, two of his friends' wives just had babies. i want to knit something for each of them. not sure if any baby surprise jackets will come off the needles, but hats? for sure.

discovered a lovely tiny coffeeshop today in south jersey that offers a lot of vegan items. my coconut-avocado-chocolate muffin was unusual and delicious.

i finished the hunger games trilogy (looking forward to the first movie) and i'm waiting for the new season of Mad Men to start up, and I'm reading The Godfather (John's request so I can watch the movie with him and we can have an Italian dinner night .. hee).

bought a tiny pot with primroses and trying to keep fresh flowers around the house. still freezing outside. ....

hoping to buy a train pass and yoga membership by month's end.

trying to keep things simple but cozy while working toward our forever goals.

what have you been up to lately?


  1. Everything sounds delightful. So wonderful to hear (read) you so upbeat and excited about life. I'm eagerly awaiting The Hunger Games movie too :-).

  2. All sounds wonderful! Minus the inevitable loss, I am so sorry, and I am glad that John has a wonderful partner in YOU! It's been unseasonably cold (yet sunny) here in Oregon so it's a mixed bag. I kind of missed the crisp of winter, but our plants are looking sad. Pot of primroses.. sweet!

    I'd love to hear some of the kitchen tips that you've learned! And I am so excited for your VT trip and interview! Best wishes on an exciting possibility!

    What a cute date -- Italian Godfather night - I've also heard that those books are incredible.

    <3 you!