Monday, March 12, 2012


my honey got a job! any ideas for some eco-friendly lunchboxes and containers I could get him? I like the ones with compartments but I want to make sure the containers fit in the bag, don't leak, and he has enough food to eat.

all suggestions are welcome.

I will also need to figure his lunches into my weekly menu plans. suggestions here are nice, too. of course, there is the whole make leftovers from dinner the night before thing.

I'm off to the park for a long walk with my dog. Not to worry, most homemaking duties accomplished for today: grocery shopping at four stores, hummus made for lunch wraps, pinto beans cooked to freeze, homemade iced tea and banana bread made, pizza dough defrosting for from-scratch pizza for dinner. Might make either homemade granola or honey-miso tofu for the week.

Friday is my next day off. Might spend part of it knitting and have an evening at the art museum.

have a lovely, blessed week. and if you're on the eastern seaboard as i am, enjoy the warm spring weather we're going to have this week!

love and light,


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  1. What's your hunny doing for work? That's great news!

    Maybe a lunchbox made of bamboo - very renewable.

    I like using glass containers for food items.

    You set a high bar for home preparations - you accomplish so much! I wasn't worried you hadn't finished homemaking -- I'm just happy that you are enjoying your life however feels best! <3 <3