Monday, March 19, 2012

just monday.

sorry, i've had my camera charger lost for quite a while now and the battery finally died.

so, no pictures for a while until i can find it!

we are going through a transition here, john starts a new job tomorrow. he works monday-friday but i scored saturdays off at least for a while, so we'll have one day a week together and i'll have a day to myself. it's a bit exhausting now planning his lunches but really they're just leftovers with some healthy snacks thrown in. just more planning, which i'm good at, anyway.

tonight i started potato salad. it was nice to hang with john. to do this i chopped in the living room -- potatoes, celery, green peppers, red onions.

then i parboiled the potatoes and hardboiled eggs. all kinds of boiling!

this morning i made us breakfast - eggs, bok choy, trader joe's hash browns, and pastured bacon. yep, you read that right. amish-produced bacon from a wonderful shop in redding terminal market that sells locally grown/produced products. i mostly burned the bacon and really didn't try it. i haven't cooked or eaten meat in almost five years. i'm still struggling with this decision and might write more about it later. right now it's late and i'm waiting for lunch napkins to finish in the dryer so john can have one with his lunch tomorrow.

this week i plan on making cranberry-orange pecan quinoa, two pizzas with goat cheese, mushrooms, and onion, homemade baked beans (to go with the potato salad) and veggie dogs. and a raw berry cheesecake. the whole foods workshop is heading past the halfway point. i'm so glad for its presence in my life. quiet and steadfast.

i reorganized the kitchen a bit tonight after john went to bed to make things more "user-friendly."

oy, i'd better go and get some sleep ....

how's your week going so far?

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  1. Hi love!

    Aww.. cloth napkins.. you're the best! we use 'em too! You are the sweetest!

    Congrats to John on his new job! Best wishes on the transition. :)

    Your Whole foods workshop sounds incredible -- share some tidbits you've learned! :)

    Tho I must say (just cos I worry too much) you do sound a bit overwhelmed and maybe even pressured(?) to concede to john's and the prevailing culture's omnivore tendencies. Just saying, you sound like you could use some Veggie support as in a Veg Club, or your good friends. This is a simplistic list, but food for thought and some love for you. :)

    Love you much!!