Saturday, March 24, 2012

wonderful news, shared

I interrupt this blog with a very important announcement:

It's actually been this way for a while. Most people on his side found out at a funeral. We told my parents tonight at dinner (they are here for a day to visit). There's no ring yet. The proposal was totally spontaneous and therefore the truest, most emotionally laid-bare question I've ever been asked. Who cares if we weren't traditionally prepared? It was the right moment. We are fairly non-traditional people. And one thing I'm learning (sometimes the hard way, truth be told) is that the older you get, the more you have to just let your expectations go. Remold them. Make them your own. Or, even, just (gasp, those who know me) be in the moment in the most loving, emotionally present way you can.

We are not rich. We won't have, don't want, a lavish day. I see Mason jars, candles, wildflowers, nature, loved ones, children, friends. Simple elegance. All we want for our lives is a happy home, a happy family, and to be rich with the love from friends and family that we can share at suppers, camp fires, what have you. There is only one life to be lived, and I want to live the width of it, not just the length.

I told my parents (married 35 years) I wanted their wedding month because it was lucky. They both teared up. My dad said, "Welcome to the family."

I haven't known my fiance long, but we were instant best friends from the moment we met at grad school (I was complaining about the library being "too modern" ... we wound up pairing up for partner assignments and working in the only Tudor-style building on campus). He is a wonderfully nerdy type. He listens to historical lectures while walking the dog. He loves Downton Abbey. He geeks out to some computer game where you make your own civilization and try to survive. He is a total morning person (I am a total mess in the morning) and makes me coffee and doesn't remind me what time it is. He washes the dishes and compliments my cooking. He teaches me how to use Netflix on the TV. When he came to visit me in the fall after finishing our respective masters' theses, we had two magical days together and ... I just knew I was coming back east with him. And I did just that. I could go on and on but you get the gist.

Suffice to say, this blog will surely have some wedding-related chat over the coming months. Sure hope you don't mind that mixing with the food porn from time to time!

hope you're having a lovely weekend. oh, i did finally locate my camera charger so pictures are coming very soon!

love and light,



  1. i feel the love between you both sooo strongly, and i am tickled pink to see your dreams come true! mason jars, wildflowers! sweet and sincere. simple. i am so happy that your parents are so quickly taken with him, and to hear of your dad's tear-ing up. his first action as part of your family was bringing you home to see them!!! and i love to hear about his geeky brainy nature! so cool. :)

  2. A big congrats to you both. Sounds like he was worth all the waiting and wishing for :-). I look forward to hearing about your plans as they evolve. Truly I am so very happy for you. When the right comes along you know. Kevin and I were lucky enough to realize that even though we were so young. We celebrate 20 years of marriage this Dec. Man, does that make me sound old!!!

  3. There are very few couples I feel are on par with you two. :)

    I love your partnership in everything; that really is what it is all about.

    Love and blessings and best wishes to you both.