Monday, April 30, 2012


sorry, it's been a while since i last updated things! i've been a busy bee helping to make my life more financially organized.

we just got back from a lovely two-day trip to virginia to see a prospective montessori school. we loved the uniqueness of the eastern shore (water on both sides) and all the farmland. the extreme rural-ness might take some getting used to, shops like trader joe's and whole foods are a once-a-month trip to mainland virginia. i'll keep you updated as i make my job decision ... but excited to be moving forward after a year of being out of the classroom. it's where i should be. and waking up to nothing but a glorious sunrise, marsh view, and bird calls of all sorts was really something.

this week, i might experiment with making hamburgers from the pastured ground beef we got, and salmon fillets from whole foods. i'm still not sure whether meat/fish eating once in a while is something my body needs and/or wants. just saying, trying to keep things simple. our town's first farmer's market is this saturday, so saturday night's meal will probably be based on what i can throw together from that early-season bounty.

i have plenty of photos to share but (no surprise here) can't locate my uploader cable. we did get some local strawberries from a farm stand in VA (hoping they were organic and thinking so as i didn't react in hives like i do normally) like the ones above. we also stopped at a local antique shop (the affordable, non-snooty kind, there are tons down there!) and i picked up a nice, but chipped (more authentic!) vintage bowl for $12. actually john bought it for me. what a sweetie.

i'm just finishing up a green smoothie right now after a few days of eating badly on the road (though we did pack a "travel basket" of homemade goodies for one meal and a few snacks). gonna find out how to cook hamburgers and maybe come up with a side dish for it, that will be wednesday night's meal. wednesday i'm hoping to escape the people crush of jersey/philly for a bit, as it's my day off, and go find some nature.

hope you all enjoy your week and find the simplest moments pleasing.

love and light,

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  1. coastal VA or rural NH sound like very restful next-steps to cultivate your life and save money. Sounds like a nice downshift from the metro area.

    We were away for a few days in the Cascades and I feel very not ready for the city at the moment!

    i'm glad that your sweetie is so good to you. vintage cooking ware - your favorite!