Saturday, May 5, 2012

just thoughts.

as we wait for a HUGE piece of the puzzle to fall into place, we learn to be the best of who we are, where we are. we grow from our struggles. 

and me, i cook. i bake. i knit. i take longish journeys away to anywhere that has nature. 

last night, we sat on the porch and watched a thunderstorm roll through. 

this time with him is so special. we are learning how to balance that with our own individual needs and desires. how to be together when we're apart. all that. 

he's dozing on chair next to me right now. i thank the universe every day for having him in my life. he makes it more complete. 

i am proud and happy to be a woman who wants to be a homemaker. who IS, in some way, a homemaker now. what do i want from life? good food, quality time with loved ones, a little music, a little singing. some gardening, wool between my fingers, walks in the forests and by the sea. i'm also a pure Montessorian who always wants to delight in being near children. high-powered career and money-making? no thanks, not for me. just enough to live on and be happy. 

i'm pretty sure moving to the country is a good start.

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  1. What a beautiful post. I remember telling you years ago that everything would work out for you :-). Moving to the country will be wonderful. Definitely on my dreams list :-).