Tuesday, December 4, 2012

new year's intentions review:: 4 December

I'm wanting to get things done a bit early this year, so I'm reviewing these now. I do not want our 9-10 days traveling to feel stressful, either during or at either end. In fact, for the first time ever, my Christmas shopping is DONE! I did it in one day last weekend (one LONG, 12-hour day...). I kept it simple. Tomorrow I took a personal day to get a lot of odds and ends that have been hanging out from my life too long accomplished. My plans include figuring out how to spend the time in terms of relaxing and baking. Maybe I'll write a few postcards, figure out a charity to donate to, and start wrapping presents. 

Oh yes, our tree is also up but it's only halfway decorated. Aren't first trees always like that? It sure is pretty though. I'd have a picture for you but I still don't have my camera back yet! It makes the house so cozy. I just love the look and smell of a real Christmas tree! 

And let's review those intentions::

write a letter or send a package once a month (i didn't do this last year and REALLY want to try this).

sadly -- this did NOT happen this year. 

join the postcard project (google it ... very cool idea!).


go back to portland to visit my best friend

no. way too expensive, unfortunately. 

cook a recipe at least once a week (i had added that later)

I actually do feel that I accomplished this, thanks in part to starting a permanent recipe binder and participating in a friend's online whole foods worshop, which was both inspiring and transformative (thanks Heather B!). 

learn to sew (grr this one keeps getting carried over year to year!!)

no, but I have recently made a commitment to better my knitting. baby steps. 

faithfully save 10 percent of each paycheck

umm, no. no way. there is just so much that gets in the way every time I try to save (like expensive car repairs). but there are a couple hundred dollars in the bank that i have been trying really super duper hard to hang onto! the rural lifestyle does have its perks! 
do yoga regularly
with all the transitions i've been through, no. but i've recently started trying to go once a week. it's hard, because it's far away, but it's an important commitment to me to keep up with for my health! 

Stay tuned, a new list is coming soon ...... 

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  1. I wish I wrote more mail last year, too. I'll have to get back in that groove for 2013...!