Sunday, January 6, 2013

6 january :: creating space

it's the 6th day of my 8-week vegan diet. so far, i feel light and full of energy. this bodes well for really working it at the gym :-) above are just two of the cookbooks I received for Christmas.

I don't have many words today, just some images of late. It's Sunday, the sun is coming and going, it's fairly warm out for winter in Virginia, and I have pizza dough rising for vegan pepperoni pizza and Downton Abbey later on.

I'm still hoping to find a few new blogs to read for 2013 and beyond, does anyone have links for me? I'd love to check them out.

Planning some knitting, and either pilates or yoga on video for today. I'm working on two scarves and my prayer shawl for Newtown. Then I will start on a gorgeous shawl for myself, why not? It's a navy-ish color, one of my favorite.

The clothes shown here are weekend (very cheap) thrift store finds (actually the wool skirt was on clearance at Target when I went there to return something). I love them, my style to a T with some boots.

Hope you are happy with your weekending, too. I'm dreaming up an easy hike for next one.

new lamp, nighttime


buca and banjo

aren't these pretty? part of our new year's snack

making vegan sausage patties to freeze for quick breakfasts. fennel seed makes them taste SO good.

this will be great with boots

this will turn into vegan pepperoni pizza, YUM!!

$2 thrift store special. great find!!


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