Monday, January 21, 2013

simplicity:: 21 January

Hello, friends.

sunday pancakes
I'm sitting here on the third or so day of plentiful sunshine, watching how beautifully it streams across the dining room floor, a room which usually gets very little light because of the house next door. There are freshly baked vegan pumpkin-chocolate chip muffins on the counter and laundry is washing in the kitchen. I have a day off thanks to one of my favorite people, Martin Luther King, Jr.

We are surviving the winter here. Trying  to keep the corners swept and thoughts fresh, somehow. We both felt a bit negative toward each other, we then both realized it was cabin fever so we took the long-ish drive across the bay just before sunset and went bookstore browsing and John treated me to Thai food (vegan red curry with pumpkin and tofu, YUM!!). Just the cure.

This Saturday, we'll host local friends for a chili-eating, merrymaking with instruments evening.

I have declared the Saturday after that "Decluttering Day." To get rid of lots I just don't use or need. I have always loved doing that, and the thrill of seeing it all (well, most, hopefully) donated and just gone. I would like to get rid too of some extraneous kitchen stuff and make way for what's really important to me (vintage Pyrex!). The next day is the Super Bowl ( not a football person) yarn sale at my adopted yarn shop across the bay.

Since I went vegan for two months to start on Jan. 1, my energy has been great and I've been working out regularly. I'm only seeing minor changes to my body at this point but I'm hoping this is the year I get my healthiest yet.

I am knitting lots as I had hoped I'd do all year through this year, a cowl for myself, and a shawl for myself, and I have to finish a prayer shawl for Newtown and two scarves. A good mix of instant gratification and projects that require a lot more patience before they see completion.

I am also flying through books.

Spending more time off the Internet has helped. I still don't have the courage to quit Facebook entirely, but I'm going to try to cut about 50 more "friends" which would put me under 100. I do like having a lot of inspiring "like" pages on there like Rumi.

I have decided to take learn-to-sew classes over spring break, but I just can't afford a yoga retreat. That's okay. I'd love to maybe have an overnight somewhere, but that's it.

This week, I'll find out if the thrift store wedding dress I found can be altered to my specs. I have chosen officially the wedding color theme, royal purple and sunflower gold. We are thisclose to nailing down our locations, then comes the nitty gritty of invitations, catering, and flowers and rental of (what?? linens, dishes, tables, etc.). I'm not feeling too bad about it but sometimes I feel stressed. I want keywords to guide me: simple. poignant. fun. you know, keep me in line! Oh, and I'm going to wear purple rainboots under my dress!

I will stop rambling. The antiques store is calling my name, I sort of hope I can do just (mostly?) window shopping!

Have a lovely day if it's an extra one off for you especially. Here are some pictures of "lately" I have to share.

the pancakes with vegan sausage. look at the heart-shaped butter pat, i did not plan that!

asian noodle dish, my friend cate linden's recipe


recently-finished project for a friend
Love and light,


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  1. that's a lovely project!

    nice to hear your winter is going sweetly. :)

    also, that is so cool that your wedding dress is being worked on this week. i hope the best for you where that's concerned! can't wait to see it!