Saturday, March 16, 2013

split personality :: 16 March

recently knitted/finished prayer shawl for someone in newtown, ct
i have a split personality.

i work full-time as a montessori teacher.

i work part-time as a feminist homemaker. i love to cook, bake, wash dishes, keep up with the laundry and sweeping. basically i love to create a cozy, uncluttered space to truly regenerate and be creative, such as with my knitting. i'm happy to have a week off which I will spend mostly at home, getting my usual spunk and energy and passion back for the work i do, which when i'm on my game doesn't feel like work, it feels like a calling.

dresser top

current projects at home include finally finishing with painting the bedroom
continued decluttering and stashing away of just a few more things

i recently spent some time centering myself around my deepest priorities, making sure i've had more true relaxation and winding-down time to myself despite wanting to achieve the ultimate balance of happiness between my work outside the home and my work within the home. i do know that a continued commitment to exercise and eating very well and getting enough sleep are vital to my health and happiness. i've been really yearning to incorporate yoga again, i go a few months without it and i truly feel suffering and there is some real pain due to not breathing correctly and constantly stretching and keeping myself limber and in good posture. also, increased anxiety. so. i've got to see about remedying that. it's fallen off my radar and that is really not good. i know i should do what i can at home, but it's always been harder for me than a class. right now my geographical location is very, very challenging...

i've decided to finally bite the bullet and conquer the fear of my sewing machine so this summer i'm going to jump in and take some lessons so i have a lot of time to practice my new skills.

i have a goal of drinking green tea only on weekdays and  having all the nice hot coffee i want on weekends. ah, that green tea is glorious stuff for prana. coffee in moderation has its health benefits, too, i truly believe.

turning the computer off before 8 pm each day is doing marvelous things for quality of life.

the other day, i baked and froze some wonderful banana-chocolate chip bread. my time in the kitchen always winds down after march and through april, but i'm hoping my slow-cooker will become useful this spring as we warm up for good around here. i've been wondering how to buy some commonly-used items at the regular grocery store that might be just under my food elitism ideal, or eating simple meals that use basic, healthy, but cheap ingredients (like lentils), that's my frugal self kicking into gear again after a month of somewhat ridiculous spending.

i think i'm going to go make some tea and play with yarn. john's gone off for a drive and it seems to be a good day for knitting.

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  1. GORGEOUS prayer shawl!!!!! Lovely stitch work, Karen. I know someone will truly appreciate the love you put into it. <3