Sunday, April 28, 2013

28 april :: just checking in

Just checking in to say that I made it Monday-Thursday last week without going to the coffeeshop.

On Saturday, we took a short drive/day trip to Williamsburg and poked around. I made us a lunch and put it into some enamelware and we saved money that way. I also made us dinner that night.

I followed a menu plan all week for dinners. We did have takeout pizza Friday, which we always do. This will probably carry us through the warmer months but it would be nice to start doing homemade pizza again in the fall. It's been a long time. We also feel good about supporting a local business by ordering the pizza. It's really the unhealthiest thing I eat all week. Not a bad deal.

I took a very short walk today to return library books and realized I was tempted to treat us to dinner at the pub. I then thought to myself, if you don't just put your foot down at some point, this cycle will just keep happening. Treating yourself out of misery might be the American way (I'm definitely prey to it), but it ISN'T the answer. Not to how we'll pay for our wedding, not to how I could potentially stay home more to care for a baby in the future, or to how we'll buy a home, or a car, or whatever life brings us. We wound up having a decent homemade meal of quinoa, veggies, tofu, and a homemade curry sauce.

So yeah, it was a good week despite being sick with a nasty cold that kept me home one day. I started putting extra change into the coin jars again, along with a few dollar bills. We decided to drastically cut our guest list for the wedding and make it very intimate (I'm hoping others can make my shower weekend in early October!). I'm awaiting my tax refund and posted an item online to sell.

Today I cleaned out some spaces in my home, which always clears my mind, too. I sat and knitted. I sat and read blogs. Soon, I'll sit and read my new novel before bed. I've already made a get-back-to-the-gym schedule for the week. Schedules work. I don't overschedule, but I DO make time to pencil in the things that balance me.

Tomorrow night, tacos with veggie beef :-)

Balance and simplicity. That's the way.

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