Tuesday, June 11, 2013

11 June :: real food

In this house, we eat real food ::

locally baked kalamata olive bread (a rare treat for this girl these days, bread) with olive oil and salt, along with locally grown organic strawberries. So sad that strawberry season's already over here!

prepping for raw zucchini salad with peanut-coconut milk sauce

added a bit of tofu for extra protein

swiss chard from the farmer's market

this tasted AMAZING. another rare treat, organic tricolored pasta

mashed skin-on potatoes with cauliflower and garlic

prepping for potato pancakes and sauteed bok choy (yellow bowl)

look what the pastured eggs do to the color. so pretty!

breakfast, with the last of the strawberries

i also put this in an Ezekiel sprouted grain wrap. the only "processed" thing in here is trader joe's gluten free quinoa chips for some crunch.the purple are beets!

11 p.m. cookie baking. use half coconut oil, half grassfed, pastured butter. choco chips are vegan

egg salad made with vegenaise over pastured bacon over the rare 1/2 everything bagel from trader joe's

every morning this happens

just strawberries, vanilla coconut milk, and whey protein

sorry for the poor lighting, the weather's been cranky here of late. it feels so good to eat real, simple food cooked from scratch. just wanted to share.

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