Thursday, July 11, 2013

11 July :: busy day at home

I spent my time constructively with maybe a 20 minute sleepy loll on the bed with the dog after lunch .... ;-)

Here is some of what I did today. The bedroom is finally finished and looks so airy and like a spa retreat ... just about in time for us to move to the marsh house lol! yes as of august 1 we are moving half an hour up the road to be closer to work. our rent and gas bills are going to be decreased drastically so i can't complain too much. the two houses are both older homes and are totally different. but i truly feel like home is whatever you make of it inside, no matter where it is.

Oh yeah, pictures ::

knitting while listening to podcasts -- have you heard of go listen ... now!! especially if you love british accents.

homemade hummus for lunch. this is from the ayurvedic cookbook and is really spicy, thick, and GOOD.

a little time outside, eating, journaling, reading, admiring trees

finally tackled the last of the painting as a rain shower moved in and the room got dark. it was very zen, and i had celtic music on pandora and a kiss from my sweetie to keep me company. i paint in an old shirt and underwear so i don't ruin anything ;-)

ahhh spa. that pink gave me headaches for the whole time we lived here. i think the new renters should be very happy with it! i'm jealous! lol 

i admired the neighbor's pretty flowers after the rain

so all in all, it's been very nice and relaxing today. this morning, i made a delicious fried egg and veggie sausage sandwich on gluten free bread from the freezer (i had a thought that this would be an easy way to get GF breadcrumbs, just process what you need in the FP rather than buy a special package that sits) and the dog and i enjoyed a walk on the beach, watching the little waves roll in. after painting i made a simple smoothie for john and i as a snack, it was just frozen banana, sunflower seed butter, pumpkin pie spice, a little of each (maca, flaxseed, vanilla whey protein), mixed with water.

a couple more hours knitting on what i call my easy shawl (panoramic stole on ravelry), then i'll prep grass-fed beef tacos (we LOVE tacos obsessively in this household, they are cheap, easy and delicious, what's not to love??) and we're going to watch a movie to wind down our day.

i could get used to this kind of slow, intentional life. i think the small moments of boredom would eventually pass. i journaled about cutting down my hours to part-time at some point over the next decade of my life. i'm not ready yet, and that's okay. but i truly,  truly am just not built for the five-day workweek long term. as a country i believe (right down to the very youngest) that we overwork ourselves and have very little time left for personal and family enrichment. priorities are on things, and expensive, unnecessary $$$ experiences and activities outside the home. we look forward to the day we settle in a community where there are things we can do outside the home by ourselves, even with children, that don't mean we have to sacrifice our desire to live a frugal life and fill up every spare moment with a schedule. i struggle with this even as a montessori teacher working a five-day a week job. it's a job i love, but it's all-consuming over a five-day period, eight hours a day. i wish our society would change in that way overall. everyone's just too stressed, and before we know it we are in hopeless debt, sick, and just stressed and too old to care anymore. i am not trying to be negative here. i just kind of want off that mousewheel. i want to work, but not overly so if possible. guess i still have some time to figure it out, but finances of course come first.

i am loving life without facebook. haven't deleted it yet, but i've banned myself from posting status updates and reading the feed for more than five minutes at a time. proud to say it's working. with time it will become a habit. this space can be more detailed and personal.

i think tomorrow i will write a few letters to good friends. that's long been on my list. i am slowly, slowly learning that it's okay to spread a "to do" list out over many days and call them intentions. there is really almost nothing that's so urgent it can't wait a few days to be dealt with. it's not laziness. it's just creating a balance to my days.

be well, friends. see you soon. xo

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