Tuesday, July 16, 2013

16 July :: just one day

after a rough night of sleep and getting up uncharacteristically late (9:15 a.m.) .... it didn't turn out so bad, afterall. the day had a nice, slow, undulation to it.

local organic blueberries with coconut milk and sugar. very new england way to eat them. to this i added a fried egg and 2 veggie sausage patties and, of course, my french press coffee in one of my favorite mugs. followed this up with a 45-minute walk with John. That was good. But boy, is it humid out there this week. 

John went for a ride, and I got to prepping dinner :: veggie chili with sweet potatoes and black beans I'd made previously and frozen. 

Then I got a hankering to bake. So, I made these raspberry scones again from Babycakes. This particular recipe uses organic spelt flour, but most of the recipes in the book are vegan AND gluten free. I tend to like that. These are sweetened with the raspberries, of course, and with agave nectar. The fat is coconut oil. And this time I drizzled honey on the top after they came out of the oven. heavenly, i tell you. and what a pretty batter they make! a lovely afternoon snack! why can't americans have tea time too ;-) I had one and froze the rest for future breakfasts. 

why, yes, i do love being barefoot in the kitchen! preferably with a vintage apron on.

Once all the kitchen work was done, I repotted most of the plants and they seem much happier now. I love to see plants perk up! To the far left are two tiny containers of very sad-looking mint I picked up for free at the organic market here on the Shore. They smell SO good! I hope I can keep it going. I hear mint grows like a weed when it's healthy! I definitely hope to pick up some discounted houseplants for our new house, too. It's so wonderful having plants around to enjoy and care for. 

That about sums up my day aside from reading from Simple Abundance, researching about freezing homemade food and starting the day with yoga, updating this blog, revisiting and revising my monthly budget, washing and folding laundry, printing recipes from the now-closed online vegan workshop, and walking the dog. I think I'll excuse myself for the evening while getting some chocolate from my freezer stash, making a cuppa (tea) and heading upstairs for some knitting and a podcast. I'm still plowing through David Copperfield, too. 

Busy, full, simple days. I didn't spend a dime. Well, I donated to a good cause, but that's it. 

Simplicity and abundance -- soulmates. 



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