Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 17 :: please try to help

just spreading the word for a very loving, deserving, inspiring single mom of two special needs children. please, please find the means in your heart and budget to support her as you can. thank you.

fundraising page here

in other news, today is a very low energy day (female business) ... just knitting, fighting off a headache, laying low. we did get a good half hour's walk despite my body's resistance and awful humidity. i have to remember that on these days, just reserving energy is enough. isn't it funny how the days seem to balance each other (when I look at all I accomplished yesterday). I'll probably send some necessary e-mails, but I think I'll put off organizing some extra boxes pre-move ... till tomorrow. universe give me the wherewithal to do it! I want to have fun at the regional blueberry festival Friday without its shadow.

hope you all are well.


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