Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... the windows are covered because the oppressive heat was getting in. I'm enjoying the softer, filtered light, it's the eve of my cycle and I'm not feeling so well.

I am thinking... that I'm so happy there's a pot of pinto beans simmering on the stove. They will be frozen and used as needed. 

I am thankful... for a summer of simplicity and taking all the time I need learning how to live in frugal skin.

In the kitchen... already mentioned the beans, but i just did some dishes and it's tidy and organized. I love our cozy kitchen. most important room in the house!

I am wearing... tank top and workout pants, never changed from this morning's walk although usually i like to. again, eve of my cycle ... 

I am creating... a knitted hat, a wedding shawl (haven't cast on yet but will very soon), my "easy" shawl (panoramic shawl from coastal knits on ravelry), a more intentional, slow, direct, simplified life

I am going... to finally color my hair tonight and highlight it tomorrow using a kit i found so  I will look and feel fresh for my wedding shower this weekend

I am wondering... which dress of mine to wear to said shower

I am reading... mainly David Copperfield. It's a GREAT read, but VERY long and intimidating in that way. I'm also reading snippets of Advanced Montessori Method and I'm almost totally finished with her Education for Life. After those books I'll probably read the memoir "Truck", and there's a book about money and women's emotions coming to me from Paperback swap, and I'll probably read book 3 of the Percy Jackson YA series, and I'll definitely choose something "new" from my collection that I haven't picked up yet. Yep, always reading. Not enough, actually. Seems to have taken a back seat to knitting these days. 

I am hoping... to make it through this month alive budget-wise

I am looking forward to... three days in Connecticut (craving a fresh lobster roll from the shoreline) and meeting up with my bridesmaids for dinner and a chat, and my wedding shower at my favorite Indian restaurant

I am learning... how to be patient and make the best use of my time, and learning to find a balance between work and play in the home

Around the house.. really soaking up our final days of peacefulness before we start tearing things apart (gently, i hope, at least on my end) to move. always hard for me.

I am pondering... whether or not i should home-make the trader joe's caramel cashew cookies john loves, but i'm pretty sure i will at some point, and make them better

One of my favorite things... listening to knitting/crafting podcasts or the Splendid Table and knitting with really soft yarn

A few plans for the rest of the week: going through old boxes tomorrow (been putting this off big-time), watching Hell's Kitchen and eating tacos with John, calling the restaurant to reserve for our rehearsal dinner, blueberry festival and new yarn shop friday, traveling to new jersey saturday for dinner with my mom and future MIL (this is john's bachelor party day), wedding shower sunday and driving with my parents back to CT 

A peek into my day... the house is quiet, john's on his computer, the dog is sleeping, i'm mostly tucked into my chair reading blogs and listening to podcasts, drinking tea, working on my knitting now and then, trying to wait a couple more hours to heat some leftover chili for dinner.


  1. Hi Karen! Just popped in to say hello. I see you've been making some big changes; have you officially left Facebook yet? Looks like you're blogging almost every day here. I'm blogging every day in July, so that I can set myself up for more consistency this year, as it's my older daughter's senior year of high school. It's been challenging, but I like this format more than FB. I'm keeping FB for me, mostly to stay in touch with family and some long-distance friends, but it's not my 1st choice for social media.

    Also, wanted to tell you that my husband and I had a tight budget for our wedding as well, back in 1995. It was VERY DIY before "DIY" was a well-known acronym. We had a Renaissance style wedding. The costuming was hand-made by a dear friend. I purchased the flowers wholesale and a friend studying to be a florist designed my AMAZING bouquet and floral wreath for my head in exchange for some photos for his portfolio. We had a potluck, all vegetarian dinner, because who had catering back in the Renaissance. I designed our invitations and they were printed at my husband's workplace. A friend made the cake and we decorated it with edible flowers. There was more, but I just wanted to say that you will have a wonderful wedding no matter how much money you spend. My favorite thing about that day is that it was simply a great big party and everywhere I looked was someone I loved. It doesn't get any better than that. :)

  2. Nicole,
    Thanks for such a thoughtful response. To answer you, no. I decided to keep 29 friends but may cut just a few more. It tends to be a good way to keep in touch with those who are most important and inspiring. I'm still in process of cleaning up group likes and spam from the feed, it still sneaks in a tiny bit. Now I'm spending minutes every few days on FB, rather than hours every day. I just have a disposition to be sucked into the Internet that I'd much rather not. I'm going to delete most old sets of photos on there, too. I have a twitter where I "sound off" and so far only my best friend is a follower. So, I think the end result of all that is I have been blogging more. Which is fine, an online journal! I eliminated a lot of "perfect blog" links and I like my cleaned-up list to the right. Keeps me still inspired, but again, online less. Your wedding sounds amazing. Love the potluck idea, we'd do that but we have so many who are from out of town. We keep telling ourselves again and again that it's about the love between you and sharing it with those we love most more than anything else. I really appreciate your words of support. Thank you Nicole! I look forward to conversing with your more in future, your blog has always been inspiring to me. blessings.