Sunday, July 28, 2013

28 June :: placeholder

I'm here. .. this is just moving week. Prior to that, I took about a week and a half OFF the internet. a much, much needed break. have you ever tried that? i'm proof it can be done.

Really enjoyed my wedding shower and we got some really awesome, useful gifts. Hope to share soon, along with pics of the new place once it's put together a bit more. Also had a short visit in CT where I saw my best friends/bridesmaids.

I'm actually sitting and knitting right now and listening to a knitting podcast, haven't treated myself to anything but moving boxes (and fighting with a stubborn couch) for three days, so i won't stay here long. Nothing's cooking, we've entered we're tired let's get cheap lunch mode. Tonight's dinner was Subway. I've learned that this is just what happens during moving week.

Thanks to all who have been reading, now might be a good time to leave a comment and introduce yourself. I'll resume regular posting soon. I post more now that I've pretty much eliminated facebook and stay off comment forums for news items and have stopped looking up every random thing that pops in my brain.

Hope you have a good week. We'll be all moved by next weekend. I'm craving some homemade pizza, a visit to the now-closer farmer's market for basil and tomatoes (pesto!!), and swimming at the Y which has been neglected for a while due to trading it for daily four-mile-plus walks (I've lost 12 pounds in two months) and all the busy-ness of summer traveling. We have one more trip to NJ I think but I'm home-based through August, so glad, must start prepping the schoolroom and that's a big task.



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