Thursday, August 8, 2013

8 August :: turning outward

i love to eat, and i love providing our family of 2 with nourishing food that also tastes delicious. the tomatoes and basil in the last few photos are from the farmer's market here, which we are now so much closer to since our move. john told me yesterday that i'm the only person i know who makes cooked beans in a simmering pot from dried bulk beans. really? i told him it's so different in blogland. but he has a point. neither my mom nor grandma did this either! is it a modern day fad? i mean i like it but the only people i know of who do this kind of from-scratch slow food prep are modern day earth mama types like those of us who read and keep similar-minded blogs. i'd love to hear your thoughts on this subject. i feel so far from the "norm" sometimes even when it's become second nature to me!

here is a sneak peek at some of the spaces in the place we'll call home for the next 11 months or so. we're still in a transitioning-to-putting roots down phase so we're going to make the most of it. i call it "summer camp" because the sad internet service there and zero cable and bad cell service make it feel more like our 1980s childhoods. it's an adjustment, more for john than me but i so miss my podcasts while knitting. looks like i'll be updating this once weekly from the adorable bakery down the road. i do hope you'll still drop in.

i can't believe we are two months away from the wedding. so many thoughts and feelings about that but thankfully stress is so minimally one of them. i'm already looking at ways to keep our marriage strong before it begins. :-) is that too weird? lol.

i've also begun setting up my classroom for the next year, and i'm very happy with how that's turning out. i'll share those pictures soon, too.

finally, i just want to get out and enjoy some of those marsh views you see below from our kitchen window. can't forget the bug spray they can be nasty here. i'm still knitting, a hat and a shawl for myself. forgot to photograph the last one i knit up so hopefully my friend bonnie will be kind enough. it was for her.

we still have somewhat of a mess to put away but i have plenty to do on weekdays so that will have to be a weekend job. i've been planning a sleeping, menu plan, and exercise schedule so i can be more organized when school starts in september. we also have to reserve our honeymoon hotel. have i told you? we're driving to pretty savannah, georgia.

enjoy the rest of your week, the weekend, and the rest of your summer.

go easy.

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  1. I cooked 6 cups of beans in a pot today :) My mother and grandmother didn't make beans unless they were baked beans, but I make beans quite often.

    I love the vintage Pyrex next to the Staub pans. Fun!