Friday, August 23, 2013

23 August :: all aflutter ... and a new way to make popcorn

i'm making some walnut-maple popcorn and i have a great internet signal, so .... hello from the marshes! the air is gorgeous out there ... i can hear birds of all sorts ... i took one day off from this nutty week of school prep and we spent it getting our marriage license, having yummy black bean wraps at the local coffeeshop, and meeting with the chefs at the restaurant where we're having our rehearsal dinner. i've knitted up almost an entire dishcloth from debbie bliss cotton yarn. it's been a good day. also got a two-mile walk in and received a small unexpected cash windfall in the mail.

so, to wrap up, here are some pictures of lately, and mostly of food. really, do you expect any less by now? i'm just sorry i haven't been able to be in this space more. things are busy here, and in a good way, but i'm just trying to keep a healthy balance and keep my personal life humming happily. school starts in less than two weeks! the room looks beautiful and i am really excited to be with my little ones again. and am i really getting married in six weeks? holy cow, the invites go out this coming week! it was crazy addressing them and my hand hurt but they are truly beautiful, thanks to the loving creative eyes and hands of one Ms. Bonnie Wildwood and her husband Jake. Thanks you two!! They are so perfect for us.

Oh yeah ... the pics!

mmm fresh mozz

cheese and onion pie made from scratch

pad thai of sorts, added egg to the tofu at the very last minute for extra protein. rice noodles made this gluten free, the tamari was GF too

quick breakfast

gifted zucchini bread with sunflower seeds

local and organic

a HUGE hit here ... adapted from Vegan with a Vengeance

look at that leaves-on beauty from the farmer's market flaunting her stuff!

heather's amazing veggie burgers on an Udi's bun, slightly burnt oops

yes, all homemade :-)

this recipe comes together in mere minutes and is wonderful and gluten free

john made the john-lette. they are really really good. this one had spinach and goat cheese in it. the eggs are from a local farm.

prepping egg, feta, and spinach pie with sunflower seeds. this was REALLY good leftover, cold

using zucchini from the farmer's market

LOVE fresh salads. this had chickpeas and goat cheese added. i eat my salads out of mixing bowls, no joke.

quinoa, the magical protein grain

always on the fence about the occasional meat, this was a yummy dinner made with chicken sausages from trader joe's. a very rare indulgence as i have major issues with chicken. but john doesn't and he likes these.

Sometimes I feel like I don't do "enough." I think I'm comparing myself to the housewives who don't work outside the home. I wish I wouldn't do that. On any given day, not only can I plow through 8 hours of creative work at the school, I can make breakfast for 2, bake a loaf of zucchini bread for a friend, do loads of laundry, wash dishes two or three times over, get a few rows of knitting done, walk the dog, tackle an organizing or cleaning project that needs doing ... and so on. I really think we are too hard on ourselves sometimes. Just something I try to remember when I think, "I wish I could do more at home."

if you want the popcorn recipe, let me know. you need real organic corn kernels, a lunch bag, and a microwave. i do it on the stove too, but i can't believe i never thought of using the micro for "real" popped corn too! i usually love my corn with just loads of butter and salt so we'll see how i like this batch.

next time i pop in i'll try and show you more pics of the house. but i leave you with our adorable child ::

happy weekend! see you soon.

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