Saturday, October 26, 2013

I'm back ... and a married woman!!

Phew, it's been a whirlwind!!

Sorry for the unplanned but necessary break from this space... I've missed it here.

Basically the last couple months have been wedding central. But on Oct. 12 ... we did it!! Mr. and Mrs. :-) And then we spent a week on honeymoon in charming Savannah, Ga.

I'm sorry but my camera is currently dead so ... you'll have to wait for pictures, but I certainly have plenty!!

I've spent this past week re-acclimating myself to school, which has calmed down quite a bit after that always-stressful, hectic first month. Now I feel fairly used to the routine and ready to enjoy fall! I'm sad that October kind of blew by in the blur, though to be honest it rained and was very gloomy here for lots of it. We are still unearthing our home from wedding odds and ends, and it needs some good cleaning and airing-out, but we're taking our time. I was pretty adamant about spending two weekends at home before doing anything major. Just enjoy being married, sleeping in, and relaxing, you know? So important for that balance.

Anyway with that said, I do have some fall goals in mind, and I can't believe I'm already planning an outline for the holidays upcoming. There is a major life-changer (no not a baby, not yet hee) in the works but I can't talk about it yet, it's still in the thought process phase due to the resting period we need, but soon I'll be working hard on it!! But other than that here are some things I'm hoping to get  back on track with ::

menu planning (a lot of soups and hearty, but simple meals). it's PUMPKIN season and I plan on taking advantage, as always! Actually this morning we had really yummy pumpkin-orange pancakes.

vegetarianism (slipped a bit during some "fine dining" in Savannah)

regular exercise and a continued commitment to overall fitness after two months of nothing due to school and wedding stress/time constraints. this includes home yoga practice several times a week, i just purchased a very good quality yoga DVD for the duration of our time in a place with NO yoga studio. it's been almost a year without yoga and my body is definitely very out of balance. i usually swim more as a workout this time of year so that will figure in too.

frugality and saving money. we used all gift money, but were very extravagant on our honeymoon. by the end, it had reaffirmed my commitment only to spending money on practical things that will get daily use (like the yoga video, and some waterproof boots that can be casual and dressy both, and still warm), and putting as much as possible into the bank. it's a fun journey for me, this frugality thing. i absolutely cannot wait to try my hand at gardening once we are a bit more permanent!!

i hope your weekend is happy!!

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  1. Just beautiful. I love the colors! Congratulations. <3