Saturday, November 16, 2013

Back from absentia

Not sure why my blog's been so silent lately. In any case, I'm here, plugging along and fine, trying to enjoy my life and my work and my new husband ( !!! ) and the fall. It's been wonderful cooking and baking again. Truly my favorite time of year. Hope also to have some knitting pictures to show you soon. I've been trying to knit for an hour or so each day. A great way to reconnect with myself and a tremendous stress reliever, too!

The Christmas shopping (what little there is these days after years of trying to simplify) has just begun, along with the making of things for that holiday, as well. We are trying to get our wedding photos printed up and framed for family. We will have a real tree this year (my school sells them as a fundraiser). We plan on decorating it all white. I also have plans to send a package to an orphanage in China (check out Butterfly Children's Hospice) through my blog friend Frugal Trenches, and knit something for a child I know well who unfortunately is battling a very lethal cancer. I want to make a rum cake this year! And walk around a mall with a holiday drink from Starbucks watching all the crazy shoppers bustling and bursting with packages and stress (not me!). I like to enjoy the holiday in a cozy, slow, simple way. If my gifts aren't handmade by me, they're usually in good shape secondhand, unique antique, or I give experiences. The whole season is so much happier when I focus on simple gifts for immediate family and on giving to those less fortunate. And on just enjoying the simple pleasures of a good hot drink and some good baked goods. How are you preparing for the holidays? We are "planning" a staycation for the five days we have off at Thanksgiving. It will be rejuvenating. I have a lot of travel coming up -- to CT and NJ for Christmas, to a Montessori conference in Houston in February, to scope out North Carolina in March, and possibly I'll be treating myself to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival in May! Whew! Five days at home, no responsibility except to rest (and make green bean casserole)? Yes, please. :-)

Anyway, I hope your days ahead are filled but also contain that all-essential balance and a focus on the things that are REALLY important. With that always at the back of my mind, I have some decluttering yet to do. Recently purged some clothing and need to attack the attic sometime this winter/spring. We only want what we really use. Even if it's nice stuff we're saving for "someday" those hard decisions have to be made. How many somedays have I been saving? We can't hold on to it all.

Wishing you and yours peace.


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  1. I've BEEN there!! :D I love that I now recognize all the cozy nooks in your house. <3