Monday, November 18, 2013

New blogs

Been searching for some new reading inspiration for quite a while now. Here are my finds. Feel free to add these to your sidebars as well.

Oh goodness am I turning 34 tomorrow?! Time, where do you go? :-) Hoping to go out for Indian for dinner.

Oh yeah, the links!

The General Store's Goods

A Gluttonous Wife

Live, Love, Simple

The Road is Home

Little Home Blessings

I'm going to go get my daily hour (at least) of knitting in despite the late hour. Made a yummy soup (provencal bean pot) tonight in my new navy blue Staub dutch oven (has a rooster on top!), and a salad that had apples, pears, smoked cheddar in it. I do love homemade food.

love and light.
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