Sunday, December 15, 2013

This season

Elving is in full swing here at the Fullers. We are striving for a simple unhurried Christmas this year. So far, so good. Today is sunny and warmish so we are heading across the bay to drink a good Starbucks wintry drink and watch the mall craziness. I am all done shopping. Spent most of yesterday wrapping and Christmas knitting. I am still not sure I'll get all the Christmas knitting done! Just a couple more gifts to wrap and a few cards to fill out. All I made this year in terms of baking were chocolate chip cookies (John's favorite) and I'll make a rum cake to take north on Friday. We'll pack the presents, the dog, wedding and honeymoon photos, and head north for a few days each in New Jersey and Connecticut. We will also have time on the back end to grocery shop and just relax at home before school starts up again.

It's been so long since I blogged. Part of the problem is I'm just not happy with my old point and shoot camera anymore. I'd like to get a new one but there are currently other things I'm saving for. Every good blogger seems also to be a professional photographer these days. It's daunting. Life's also been busy, I've been carving a lot of balance into my life. My job is fulfilling but FULL. I've made sure to stick to menu plans, gym schedules (currently walking 8 miles a week over 2 days to start), resting time (such as knitting for at least an hour each day, and once a week with a small local group). We had a nice Thanksgiving, just the two of us at home with a very filling homemade vegetarian meal.

I promise to make a post of holiday handknits when all the busyness subsides. Also sorry that this post will be short but I want to make us a healthy smoothie before we head south for the afternoon.

Merry Christmas if I don't get to say it again!!

we really aren't drinkers ....

i usually keep hershey's kisses in the sleigh, and reese's bells, etc.

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