Friday, January 24, 2014

just ahead of the weekend (drip, drip)

this is part of the shawl i knit for christmas a while back. i still have no idea how to upload photos from my Kindle to this blog. When I do, there will probably be a massive picture post here. Thanks for your patience.

We've been having issues with dry air in the house. I wake up with my sinuses a mess. I looked at Rite Aid tonight at $30+ humidifiers, then realized I didn't want the expense OR the noise (I need absolute quiet to sleep). So, as usual, I took to the Internet and found some good, frugal home-grown ideas. 

hang wet laundry on a rack in your room.

place a bowl of water near a heat source in the room. 

place a pot of hot water with a few drops of eucalyptus or lavender oil in the room.

put a houseplant in the room (i have one that doesn't seem to do much but look pretty on the dresser). 

open the bathroom door during a hot shower (my room is right next to the bathroom).

Also, I'm going to experiment with ordering dried elderberries from Mountain Rose Herbs so I can make my own elderberry syrup. It really really works, but I'm almost out of the SUPER expensive Gaia bottle in my fridge and I was dreading re-ordering it. Thanks SO very much to Ginny for the idea. Also, please check out her blog. It's wonderful! (I particularly admire her knitting projects!)

I also have plans to make the foot salve or the oil face wash, or both, from Hibernate. Check out Heather's blog too. She's been another source of inspiration for me over the years! Thanks Heather! 

I guess those are my frugal tips for today :-) We enjoyed some homemade pizza tonight, which we usually do on Fridays. I just defrost the crust/sauce/leftover sausage, cut up some fresh mozzarella, tonight i added a handful of frozen (thawed under hot water in the sink and dried up well in dish towel first) broccoli. YUM. So easy. 

SO looking forward to a quiet weekend with date night thrown in tomorrow (Indian food!!). Also looking forward to a high of 42. that seems balmy lately!! We can stop dripping the damned kitchen faucet. 

Hope your weekend is simple, slow, and wonderful. My only plans aside from knitting and reading are getting out to the gym, and maybe prepping some homemade breakfast sandwiches on Sunday. 

Be well, and stay warm and healthy!! 

xo xo 


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