Sunday, January 26, 2014

test post kindle fire edition

antique store find. for washing every knitted item i make including shawls!! it's huge. i LOVE enamelware. especially in cobalt blue!

another find, $10. to be used for making herbal this-and-that (non edibles, though many are made with foodsafe ingreds)). needs a baking soda scrub first. i'm in love with it. in very good condition aside from the lip.

dining room table. i try to almost always have fresh flowers on hand. john bought me the amber depression glass plate for christmas. i made the vase at one of those pottery places.

my recently-demolded cutting board. looks almost like new again!

just waiting for pastured eggs. we eat these throughout the week. the ham and cheese are from applegate farms. the butter is grassfed. the muffins from VT bread co.

living room arrangement. LOVE blue mason jars.

right now i'm knitting the honey cowl for a blog friend. it will be hard to part ways with this beauty.

sorry i had no idea how to rotate this. it's my new kindle fire cover from etsy. the sweet crafter made it custom for my kindle's larger size.

bedroom, with knitting basket. we're going to see if my landlord will let us keep the desk (it rolls down to reveal many compartments and drawers) when we leave here.

typical evening. those are vegan banh mi sandwiches with shitake mushrooms and homemade almond paste with siracha. i'm watching my favorite knitting podcast. i've just cast on for the honey cowl and that's probably YOGI peppermint tea. 

pecan-pumpkin bread for the freezer.

what menu planning typically looks like around here.

getting ready to make pizza dough. i do this about every two weeks. we usually eat homemade pizza on friday nights. i also make homemade sauce. it's very easy! i use Vegan With a Vengeance as a guide for both. That Kitchen Aid has been moved for the Vitamix!

i think i'm making a curry? can't remember. 

when she's not meowing, she's sleeping. Amelia.

making some homemade all-purpose spray with orange essential oil. i LOVE this spray. i love using it in the kitchen so there are no chemical residues around where food is prepped.

prepping lentils

yay!! i'm so happy my Kindle takes such beautiful photos. I'm still playing with it but I'm fairly sure this will be my stand-in until I can afford one of those fancypants DSLR ... ???'s you all tote along so beautifully. I love the quality, and the pics are also wide. 

hope you enjoyed the show. finally! 

enjoy your week, and stay warm!!

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  1. Your day looks peaceful and delicious and those. ARE some lovely pictures it took! I have the first edition Fire, which I love, but there's no camera. Is the landlord letting you keep the (beautiful) desk??