Sunday, March 21, 2010

a little spring post accompanied by a broken camera

bad news! my camera appears to be broken ... and just in time, i had some beautiful spring-happening pictures to share. Oh, well. I must figure out what to do .... a local place that repairs them maybe? sigh ... far and few between these days.

on today's agenda:

coffee and menu planning
grocery shopping
a stop at our local art museum for possible prints for next year's classroom walls
montessori homework
plant swiss chard seeds (i planted cat grass seeds yesterday!)
mop kitchen floor and give stovetop a full clean
possibly full clean bathroom, but erm maybe that can wait :-)
read Stones into Schools or Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

I'm giving my body a break from anything. Friday night and yesterday morning, I participated in half a yoga workshop and my body is feeling all the poses I'm not used to. I'll be back to yoga and my 2.5-5 mile walks this week coming up, though.

next weekend, I'm hoping some yard sales will be out. It's nearly that time of year again! I'm also hoping to clean out my very messy car and take it to a carwash for its yearly (lol) clean.

i'm considering renting out my house for the weekend of the Kentucky Derby. It'd make me rent money for my summer (when I'm not paid) and pay for food, etc. I'd drive them to and from the Derby (no paying for parking/worrying about how much they can drink), and make them a vegetarian breakfast each morning and have snacks available for late night. Hello organic cheese section.

the daffodils are up.

happy planting, and happy spring gallivanting to you! it's finally here!

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  1. Hi Karen! How've you been? I just wanted to let you know I'm posting again. I have to sort of skim your blog because of my eye problems and there's a lot content to read, so please don't be annoyed if I mostly comment of photos when I stop by. That looks like a happy kitty in the sunshine!