Wednesday, August 18, 2010

eating at home

it's not always glamorous or the most tasty, and sometimes, like tonight, it's freezer food ... leftover homemade soup and trader joe's masala burgers doctored up with some bragg's and hot sauce. paired with local tomatoes from a friend's mom's garden.

but 20 minutes later, when my belly didn't feel hungry anymore, it didn't care what i had eaten or where it came from.

if you've been reading my blog for a while, you know i have a penchant for eating out. however, most of the time i'm so starved i scarf it and don't enjoy it, anyway. perhaps i should get into the habit of eating before i go out, a large meal, then enjoying just a drink and an appetizer. would save money, too.

this is definitely a year for saving some money.

just some random thoughts i felt needed to be written down. my head's been spinning with them lately, and my pen-in-hand, hand-on-keyboard can hardly keep up. now, i wonder what that's all about, but i often get this way as the calendar approaches fall. a time for new beginnings, i guess.

anyway, even when i have to "force" myself to eat at home, even when eating out would be quicker/cheaper/easier/nicer, i'm often so very glad i did.

i do have a picture of what my dinner looked like earlier but i am too tired to find my uploader cable and post it. sorry.

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