Wednesday, February 23, 2011

march is coming. quiet march.

spring is coming ... i can just. feel it in the air. been hiking two or three weekends in a row now. planning on a very long hike this sunday in 50-degree weather. i can't wait. i hope there is sun.

i've been taking pretty good care of myself, does staying up late in bed for hours reading a good book count? i actually like being on the internet only once a week. i'm getting more knitting done, too. i promise pictures when i get ends (many ends, sigh) woven in.

things at school are busy, but less stressful than before. i'm sticking with my plan to make march a quiet, calm month because spring is always happy-busy and my summer will involve a lot of traveling!

i made a ton of homemade food this week and i'm doing better about not spending, most days, on coffee and food out. i'm drinking a ton of tea.

dreaming of future days in my farmhouse-style home with babies ..... why not? <3

love and light,


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